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British Gear Association


The British Gear Association (BGA) is a trade association that promotes the technical and commercial interests of manufacturers, distributors, academics and others involved in the Power Transmissions industry in the United Kingdom.

The Association speaks with authority on behalf of the industry both nationally and internationally and its ability to help companies and individuals involved in the industry is widely recognised by government, the media and industry. The Association is well-represented on British and International Standard committees and provides the Chairman of the British Standards Institution's MCE/5 Committee on Gearing and the Chairman to ISO TC60 sub committee SC1.

The BGA receives many requests for information and help from Members and non-Members. If the permanent staff cannot answer these questions themselves, they can almost invariably obtain answers from within the Membership or from other sources.


To secure and enhance the mechanical power transmission industry. To be achieved by providing:


The British Gear Association was formed in 1986 from the earlier British Gear Manufacturers' Association with the aim of broadening appeal and Membership and encompassing both manufacturers and users of gears, gearboxes and transmission elements and providing a service for the whole mechanical power transmission industry.

By mid 1989, the BGA had appointed a full-time Chief Executive and staff and opened its headquarters at the Engineering Employers Federation in Birmingham. In 1993 the headquarters moved to its present offices in Burton on Trent.

In response to increasing technical co-ordination commitments relating to knowledge transfer, best practice activities and an expanding ISO role, the BGA appointed a full-time Technical Executive in 1998.


The BGA is headed by an Executive Council comprising of elected representatives from member companies. There are also various committees that are responsible for technical, commercial, educational and training matters.

European Co-Operation - EUROTRANS
The BGA is a Member of EUROTRANS, a federation of national associations of gear and transmission element manufacturers in nine European countries. From 1990 to 1993, the EUROTRANS President and its Technical Commission Chairman were BGA Executive Council Members

Eurotrans And The European Economic Community

EUROTRANS has forged close links with the Industrial Affairs Commission of the European Community in Brussels and with ORGALIME, the European Metal Industries Association and the American Gears Manufactures Association (AGMA).

Areas with which the Economic Commission is concerned include:

Members regularly provide statistics based on economic indicators such as inflation, employment and investment prevailing in their own countries.


EUROTRANS aims to:

EUROTRANS does this through its three functional arms. The General Assembly acts as the overall custodian and promoter of the industry. The executive work is done mainly by the Economic and Technical Commissions. Member associations are represented on all three bodies. The President of the General Assembly is an elected position.

A Successful Campaign

BGA's links with EUROTRANS proved their value in 1992 when a campaign was waged to persuade the US President not to impose import restrictions on gears and gearing products. A petition arising out of a US Trade Commission Survey on "The Competitive Position of the American Gear Industry" (presented to the US Department of Commerce by the AGMA under Section 232 of the US Trade Expansion Act of 1962) had claimed that foreign imports were a threat to national security. At stake in Britain was the potential loss of £100 million per year of gearing exports.

A special Working Group, which was chaired by the EUROTRANS President/BGA representative, employed an American lawyer to contest the petition. A successful outcome was reached when the Department Of Commerce decided not to take the matter further.