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British Gear Association

Research Programme

As part of the British Gear Association's commitment to its members it provides a structure and support network for the promotion and implementation of relevant research programmes. The research projects are conducted by a consortia of its members into specific areas of transmission technology appropriate to the project member companies. The topics of the research are not predetermined by the BGA itself but by its member companies who are able to come together to identify areas of common interest or business needs where collaborative research provides the most effective means of furthering a business need.

The funding structure for collaborative research provided through the BGA is managed at a research consortia level. With annual contributions, project time scales and works scopes being singularly established by the research consortia. Ensuring that the specific needs of the project member companies are addressed. The BGA research web site provides the facility to communicate project progress material, meeting minutes and share research project documentation throughout the duration of the project and also beyond on its conclusion.

Research Projects

** Please note project document areas are restricted to members of the relevant projects only.