M&D Engineering

BGA Member M&D Engineering Services are a precision engineering company capable of providing a prompt and efficient service to industry and would welcome inquiries for any of the products listed below.

  • Gears : Manufactured in steel, cast iron, brass, bronze, aluminium, tufnol or nylon. They can be of the ordinary wheel type, single boss or boss each side. We can manufacture in D.P. module or circular pitch.

  • Sprockets: Simplex, Duplex and Triplex can be made from both steel and cast iron. We have a full range of cutters for BS and ASA. The sprockets can be supplied with a pilot bore, bore and keywayed of fitted with bearings or taper lock facility.

  • Shafts: Manufactured to your specification. They can be stepped taper turned, keywayed, threaded, bearing fited or drilled and tapped.

If you like more information of our capabilities, you are welcome to visit us at our premises for a full discussion.





08622 40421


M&D Engineering Unit 2 Shanowen House Shanowen Road Santry Dublin 9

M&D Engineering