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This SIG is chaired by Stephen Wilson of the Design Unit, Newcastle University.

The initial meetings of the Gear Measurement SIG agreed that the highest priority was to arrange some informal measurement comparisons (round robin exercise) to assess the capability of industrial gear measuring equipment. This allows participants to benchmark their own gear measurement capability and confidentiality of results is assured.

3 gears are available: Gear A, 6mm module 34 tooth helical gears, Gear B, 2mm module 37 tooth helical gear and Gear C, 1mm module 48 tooth spur gear. Each gear includes instructions and evaluation/reporting methods prepared by Design Unit, National Gear Metrology Laboratory (NGML) at Newcastle University.

Reference data for the Round Robin will be provided by the UKAS accredited NGML. Participants will get a free calibration check of their measuring machine from the national laboratory. Measurement uncertainty is calculated for each gear parameter measured in accordance with ISO/TR10064-1:2019.

The results from this survey will allow the SIG members to make informed decisions about their measurement capability and steer future SIG activities. Your results will remain confidential.

If you are a BGA member and want to get involved with the gear measurement SIG, please contact the BGA at or 0191 208 6160


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