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Members! Your exclusive BGA Gear Mesh Model is winging its way to you.

We have developed this model for BGA Members following requests from course attendees who saw the model being used during BGA Training Courses and thought it could help them in their day to day activities.


The BGA Gear Mesh Model provides a platform for:

·        understanding how cylindrical involute gears work

·        how sliding and rolling action through mesh changes

·        how rotational speed and torque are transferred from one tooth pair to the next

·        how the gear geometry influences stresses


To get you started we have created a handy “How to use your Gear Mesh Model” video which can be found here:

The BGA Gear Mesh Model is similar to models used in our BGA knowledge transfer programme so please join the relevant courses to learn more about gears and how you can use your gear mesh model.

All of our online training is free of charge to BGA Members and we have just launched our Spring 2024 Programme click the button below to register today.


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