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We are delighted to welcome Intra Limited to the BGA Membership. We are certain that they will make a great contribution to the association.

About INTRA Since 2005, INTRA Limited (formerly SIEMENS now a division of INTRA Corporation) have been the industry leader in supplying the Global Automotive Market with Automatic Production Gear Inspection Systems.

Up until the 2010’s INTRA had traditionally been designing and manufacturing Double Flank Production Gear Inspection Systems satisfying the typical Gear Geometry checks required for Final Inspection – typically Centre Distance features including Fr”, Fi”, fi”, MdK”Etc and also Helix Inspection including Left & Right Flank fHBM” & fHBV” etc.

In around 2008, with the emergence of new Gear Hard Finishing Processes such as Gear Tooth Grinding or Power Honing, the demand for “simple” Double Flank Gear Geometry inspection rapidly receded….. but with new Processes come new Process problems and INTRA, working with several large Automotive companies, quickly realised that the hard finishing of gears was not the ‘slam dunk’ as was first envisaged.

It became apparent at the Final Transmission Test Stands that Process vibrations were inducing waviness / patterns into gear surfaces at the micron level and these patterns were then inducing vibrations into the Gear Mesh inside the transmission creating NVH problems and the term “Ghost Order” became the new buzz word.

After realising that Double Flank technology could not detect these subtle Order Errors, INTRA Ltd embarked on the development of “New Technology” Single Flank inspection machines which were capable of detecting these very small amplitude defects.

Now, 15 years on, INTRA’s Single Flank Analysis Machines are being adopted around the world in the volume manufacture of prestige Ultra High Precision EV Gears.

Telephone: +44(0) 1462 424 800


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