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We are delighted to welcome MTE Heat Treatment Ltd to the BGA Membership. We are certain that they will make a great contribution to the association.

About MTE Heat Treatment LTD At MTE Heat Treatment Ltd we provide sub-contract services for the heat treatment and surface engineering of metals. We are based in over 30,000 sq ft of custom-designed facilities in Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire with easy access to the motorway network. We service a broad customer base, including the automotive and heavy automotive sectors, marine, energy and precision engineering industries. MTE Services

Heat Treatment - We offer a full range of heat treatment processes from Carburising to Carbonitriding. We also specialise in Press Quenching.

Induction Hardening - An extensive range of modern induction hardening equipment provides high to medium frequency options with both single shot and scanning capabilities

Surface Engineering - Specialising in Shot Peening, the surface engineering department also offer Shot Blasting, Wet Bead Blasting and Phosphating.

Gear Cutting & Grinding - A well equipped machine shop offers Gear Hobbing, Shaping and Shaving along with a broad range of Precision Grinding facilities.

Quality Assurance - Our Right First Time approach is supported by state of the art testing and laboratory equipment, all covered by our ISO 9000:2008 registration.


Telephone: 01484 850 361


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