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We are delighted to welcome TR Transmisyon Engineering Inc to the BGA Membership. We are certain that they will make a great contribution to the association.


TR TRANSMİSYON, as a subsidiary of ER Makina Precision Gear Manufacturer, designs system based and customer needs based gearboxes for aerospace, robotics & automations applications, marine, land vehicle, automotive & commercial industries and manufactures them in collaboration with ER Makina based in Ankara/Tukey.​ All our products are designed & manufactured in accordance with customer/application-based requirements and ISO, DIN, VDI & AGMA specifications. We provide turnkey solutions for gearboxes under high speed, high torque, high density, and precision positioning applications etc. Keeping quality as the basis of our design & manufacturing, we can collaborate with our customer’s design team to further develop their current & ongoing design projects and products.​ We do also provide testing services for gears and gearboxes. Designing & constructing test setups and accomplishing performance tests are essential phases of power transmission development work. Design and construction of endurance test rigs, static and dynamic performance test rigs are within capabilities of our technical staff.​ Our services include:​ • Development of gear solutions, from concept design to detailed design​ • Preparation of Pre-Design Report & Critical-Design Report documentations.​ • Preparation of manufacturing drawings and purchase specifications for all gearbox components​ • Review and optimization of your own gear design, i.e. Increasing power density, lifetime, reliability, efficiency, minimizing noise and vibration​ • Upgrades / retrofits of existing gearboxes (reverse engineering)​ • Risk analysis and assessment (FMEA and FMECA)​ • Preparation of operating and maintenance manuals​ ​Let us get in touch with your engineers and technical staff to provide you more information about our custom gearbox services & discuss your needs.


Telephone: +90 (312) 512 93 55


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