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This SIG is chaired by Tim Lisle of Design Unit.

The Splines SIG is addressing the design, specification, stressing and performance of splines, splined joints and splined couplings. The motivation for the formation of the group is a result of a fairly widely shared opinion that the design and stressing of splines is an area of little standardised methodology where the amount of published information for spline design is very limited.

In addition, in areas where some standardisation is available, such as geometry, this information is also lacking some clarity with respect to certain significant features when considering the operating performance of a splined joint, such as accuracy effects etc.

General areas of interest are currently related around the following key areas, although this is not intended to be a conclusive or exhaustive list :

  • Spline Geometry

  • Spline Accuracy

  • Spline Stressing and Rating F

  • Fixed and Flexible

  • Spline Joint Design

  • Spline Dynamics

  • Spline Manufacturing Influences/Methods

With this void in generalised spline standardisation and technology in mind, the SIG group is considering these various topics and where appropriate, is pooling information and experience to provide for the formation of more formal BGA research projects.

The SIG has considered failure modes in some detail and will aim at developing something for splines along the lines of the existing BGA Codes of Practice for gears and ANSI/AGMA 1010–E95 Appearance of Gear Teeth – Terminology of Wear and Failure.

If you are interested in the subject matter described here and would like to be involved in the SIG, please contact the BGA at or 0191 208 6160


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