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Xtrac leads the way for engaging the next generation of engineers

BGA Member organisation Xtrac have developed the BGA Primary Gears Workshop even further to help support STEM engagement at local primary schools.

Here are some photos from recent STEM days at Thatcham Park Primary and Francis Bailey in Thatcham.

Xtrac have 3 STEM ambassadors and are developing a team to support such events. Similar activity supports secondary education level at TeenTech Surrey and Hampshire.

Watch this clip on YouTube to find out more – if you skip to 1 minute 21 seconds you can see Xtrac in action.

Does your organisation get involved in STEM activities with young people?

Could you spare some time to get involved to inspire the next generation of engineers?

BGA can help you engage with networks of academies and local primary schools in your area.

Get in touch to either share your good news stories like Xtrac here, or to find out more and get involved.

Details of the BGA Primary workshop can be found here.

Lynne Gough

BGA Admin


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