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Date: 19th October - 09:30 - 16:30

Location: Design Unit - Newcastle upon Tyne

Tutor: Dr Brian Shaw

Fee: Non Member £375 / BGA Member £202.50

The seminar gives delegates an insight into the appearance and underlying causes of gear failure modes. No prior gear knowledge is required.

It provides gear manufacturers and users with the necessary skills to examine, assess and recognise common gear failure modes. The seminar content is applicable to gear designers, gear service personnel, operators and users of valuable equipment, inspection and certification bodies who need to confidently examine gears and gearboxes and those new to the gear industry.

The Seminar will cover:

  • How gears work and how they fail and wear
  • Failure recognition strategy
  • An introduction to the common investigation methods and equipment used to establish the root cause of a failure
  • An introduction to the ISO 10825 failure modes standard and supporting ISO standards
  • Case studies
  • Failure recognition- a chance to test your failure recognition skills with 20 failed gear samples

Key skills and knowledge:

At the end of the seminar you will be able to recognise the common failure modes, understand their causes and you will be able to confidently examine failed gears. You will appreciate what is considered normal wear and what could potentially be a problem and know the appropriate action to take.

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* After registration we will contact you to arrange invoicing.

Cancellation: Received in writing by 1 week prior to event – 50% refund, after this date – Nil refund. Please note that replacement delegates will be accepted at any time.

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