Part of the British Gear Association’s remit is to provide support for members. One of the ways that the BGA achieves this and demonstrates a commitment to members is by providing a well-structured support network that allows Members to create and embark upon relevant research projects and programmes. These research projects see members or groups of members (or consortia) identifying issues within specific areas of transmission technology that relate to themselves and other members. Once the topic and methodology have been established the BGA provides promotion and implementation, the Members are allowed to carry out their research as they see fit.

2020 sees a mass restructure and relaunch of BGA Research Projects and these will become a major focus of BGA activities for 2020 and beyond.

We will initiate a series of short, quick seed projects that may provide the germs of ideas that generate a whole new technology stream. If successful, these seed projects may initiate collaborative research projects between Industry and Academia; a model that has worked well in the past. BGA members will have access to the seed research projects and the data will be made available.

The BGA does not on the whole set topic titles or enforce guidelines, rather the Member companies involved decide on an area of common interest where further research could boost understanding and act on it in order to take the industry forward. It is through this model we believe that real gains can be made in understanding and developing new commercial and technical processes.

The funding structure for collaborative research provided through the BGA is managed at a research consortia level. This means that annual contributions, project timescales and works scopes are singularly established by the research consortia involved in genesis and completion of the research itself. This helps Members and consortia to ensure that the specific needs of their companies and the research project are addressed without compromise or interference. Organising a project is made easy thanks to the BGA research website, which provides users with the means to communicate with each other, sharing project progress material, meeting minutes and project documentation throughout the duration of the project and beyond.

Completed research projects are hosted on the BGA website as a learning resource for other Members. As each research project should address specific areas within the industry on a commercial or technical level, the final documents could prove invaluable to the growth of the industry.

Below you will find a selection of categories, each of which houses the relevant projects. Each varies in length, although full details are provided in the description, and is free for BGA Members to download and read on any supported device.

If you have any questions about the BGA’s research support structure and network, or would simply like to find out more about previous research projects, then please get in touch today. Our permanent team are on hand to answer questions you may have, and can even consult with Member groups and individuals to help you find the answers you need.