Newmont Engineering

Established in the 1950s Newmont Engineering is an independent British company, that has progressively updated its plant and facilities to match the ever increasing demands of the Aerospace, Medical and Precision Instrumentation Industries.

The competence of our staff is a valued asset. Skilled gear cutters, instrument fitters, precision grinders and CNC programmers for milling and turning all play important roles in our team. The skills required to calculate, define and measure gears, splines and serrations have taken many years to accrue.

The techniques employed need constant renewal to keep up to date with new specifications and presentation methods. Investment in production and metrology equipment has enabled Newmont to produce complex parts like crown splines and instrument gear boxes for over fifty years.

Challenging precision work continues to be what we do best. 

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Newmont Engineering Company Ltd 7 Fleming Way Isleworth Middlesex TW7 6EU

Newmont Engineering