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A call for your technical knowledge to support a fully funded special project

AMRC are working on a gear hard finishing project and are inviting the BGA Advanced Manufacturing (AM) Special Interests Group (SIG) members to join them. The project itself is fully funded, so the input we are seeking relate more to technical knowledge and provision of project items (sourced via the project budget), such as tooling, material and services.

It would be fantastic if anyone with knowledge in these topics could respond to us and we can converse about the contributions that can potentially be made, or any knowledge that can be shared:

  • Power Skiving - Both tool makers and component manufacturers.

  • Material Hardening - providers of this process.

  • Surface stress testing - NDT, residual stress etc - knowledge and component testers.

  • Surface finish analysis - knowledge and component testers.

  • Dynamics and process monitoring - specifically for gear production.

  • Simulation and modelling - specifically for gear production

To get involved you need to join the AM SIG so if you are interested in attending an online meeting then please contact who will arrange a Doodle pole to find a time that suits everybody.

If there are any other queries that you may have, please contact or


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