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The BGA form special interest groups (SIGs) to provide a forum to discuss and develop themes to support UK gear manufacturers and users. The individual SIGs decide for themselves what they do and how they operate. Membership of a SIG is free to BGA members.

The Advanced Manufacturing SIG can focus on any issue raised by BGA members related to manufacturing. Currently the group are focussing on issues around 5-Axis CNC machining of gears.

The group are led by Dontyne Gears Ltd and AMRC at Sheffield University.

A survey of BGA members and AMRC partners, performed by AMRC identified some sensible initial research and verification tasks.

AMRC are currently finishing a proposal for an initial project funded by HV Catapult which will start this research.

If you are a BGA member and want to get involved with the Advanced Manufacturing SIG, please contact the BGA at or 0191 208 6160.


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