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Apprenticeship Week 2024

Apprenticeship Week 2024 is now in full swing (5th-12th February 2024). What has your organisation been doing to support? We’d love to hear from you all and share your Apprenticeship stories.


At the end of 2023, The BGA launched it’s first Member Survey to explore Apprenticeships. There’s a big drive to address the UK skills shortage. Our survey identified member organisations who currently support apprenticeship programmes and we found out where members would benefit from more information relating to support taking on new apprentices. We held our first introductory meeting in November 2023 and established an Apprenticeship Special Interest Group.

We have met subsequently with our appointed Chair Kirsty Haylock of Hewland Engineering and esteemed colleagues Warren Page, Xtrac, Professor Ian Green from Newcastle University, BGA Chair Graham Penning, Contract Engineering, to scope out the next stages and we’ll be sharing the date for the next meeting soon.


To get involved please contact to express interest.


Together the team is working hard behind the scenes to drive forward and get the wheels in motion (all puns intended 😊) to support members in training the next generation of Gear specialist engineers.


Did you know across the country there are support groups for both employers and apprentices?


If you’re not signed up yet – why not volunteer as an Apprentice Ambassador?


The Apprenticeship Ambassador Network is a national collection of businesses and organisations whose aim is to spearhead the drive to engage new employers to commit to apprenticeship delivery across country.



Check out some of the success stories from the North East Group where Ian Green is Co-Chair.

Here’s Jess, the Chair of the NE Group talking us through some benefits and what’s involved.


There’s groups like this across the UK. Find out more details about the support in YOUR AREA here.


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