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A significant remit of the British Gear Association is to ensure the future of the gearing industry in the UK. In accordance with this responsibility the BGA have worked with NUSTEM at Northumbria University to develop a workshop to be delivered to children supporting the Primary National Curriculum for gears pulleys and levers

This is a great opportunity for engineers and technicians to build links with their local communities, develop their communication skills and make a positive contribution to children’s engineering knowledge.

This kit is available for BGA Members to take into schools and we love to see it in action.

Thanks to BGA Member Nathan for sharing these pictures of the kit being used in a local school in Devon.

"I loaned the BGA Gears STEM kit you gave me to a teacher I know in a school in Devon. She used it, and the BGA online resource to teach her class. I also made a pulley system to further demonstrate the advantages. The kids really enjoyed the kit and learnt a lot."

If you are using the BGA Primary Gears Kit for your STEM out reach please send us your pictures and comments.


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