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The worldwide Covid 19 crisis has changed the way we both work and learn for the foreseeable future.  In response to this changing landscape the British Gear Association have been working to move our essential Gear training into an online environment. This digital training will be conducted using a variety of live seminars with Q&A sessions, downloadable presentations, and interactive workshops. The essential training provided by the BGA will continue to be overseen by the BGA Technical Research Management Committee and will be developed and provided by world experts in Gearing technology. Where training cannot be moved online due to “hands on” learning we are working to make Covid secure classrooms to resume in person sessions. We are looking forward to embracing a digital training environment that we make our essential Gear seminars more accessible to delegates both in the UK and around the world.

The first Virtual seminar is our renowned Gear Foundation course. Please visit our training page for more details and to register your interest.


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