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Briefing Event: 28th Feb: Innovate UK Funding for SMEs

Round 13 of the Innovate UK Analysis for Innovators competition is opening in March. Join Innovate UK on 28th February for our briefing event to find out more about the competition and how you can apply.


The Innovate UK Analysis for Innovators grant funding competition aims to help boost a company’s productivity and competitiveness by helping them solve a challenge with an existing product, service or process. The programme helps applicants achieve this by introducing them to some of the UK’s top scientists and experts at providers of the UKs National measurement capability. With access to the cutting-edge facilities, techniques and technologies, companies are helped solve analysis and measurement challenges facing their business.


Stage 1 of Round 13 of the competition is due to open in March 2024 and will focus on brokering successful relationships between UK companies and the programme partners. Innovate UK Analysis for Innovators funds collaborative innovation projects between the companies and one or more of the partner organisations (e.g. the UK’s leading measurement organisations).


Round 13 of the competition is open to SME’s only and will be focused on mini projects, lasting a maximum of 3 months and with maximum costs of £50,000.


One of our BGA consultants commented "In previous rounds over 80% of companies who reached stage 2 of this programme were funded by Innovate UK".


Click here to find out more and register for the briefing event.



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