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EUROTRANS Market Survey for 2024

The BGA are active members in Eurotrans representing the UK interests in the association.

Please find below a link to the EUROTRANS Market Survey for 2024. We would really appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey to ensure the UK has a strong representation in the report.

"EUROTRANS, the European association for drive technology, conducts a survey on the current economic situation among its members (national associations) twice a year.


As a member of your national association, you will receive this survey and we kindly ask you to complete it by March 20 2024.

The Europe-wide survey helps to provide an overview of the current economic situation in our industry. By completing the survey, you will help to recognise trends at an early stage.


You can take part in the survey via this link: EUROTRANS - Survey.


The effort will be about 15 minutes and you will receive the results via your national association.


Note: The survey is anonymised, and no conclusions can be drawn about your participation."


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