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Gearing up to teach the Primary School Curriculum

On Monday 28th November the British Gear Association in partnership with Northumbria University and NUSTEM presented to 34 primary schools within the Delta Academies Trust in Knottingley.

Year 5 and Key Stage 2 Leads from across the trust schools engaged in a practical workshop on how to teach gear mechanics and gear ratios as part of the National Curriculum for Levers, pulleys and gears. The event venue - The Education Exchange - Auditorium- is state of the art - what a wonderful venue to host our event!

Teachers built gear trains, calculated gear ratios and learnt about the history of gears and their practical application in everyday life. Delegates now have the confidence to teach their curriculum in the Spring term and demonstrate practically how problems can be solved in the classroom.

Primary Gear Toolkits are available to purchase from the BGA. Please contact us

for further details.


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