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International VDI/FZG Conference on Gears 2023

The 10th International VDI Conference on Gears 2023 will be held in Garching, Munich at the Gear Research Centre (FZG) of the Technical University of Munich from September 13th to 15th, 2023.

Supported by national and international associations, the conference brings together over 500 leading experts from the international gear and transmission industry. Visiting the conference gives you the opportunity to take part in this leading international forum and learn about the latest developments and research results in the powertrain industry and academia.

With over 120 technical lectures by first class speakers the conference provides an excellent platform to discuss latest developments and key market updates!

Topics of discussion will be in 2023:

  • Sustainable gears with reduced carbon footprint and increased efficiency

  • Design, simulation and analysis of gears and transmissions

  • Industrial applications, e.g. transmissions for energy systems, for mobility systems, etc.

  • Test methods and/or procedures for endurance, efficiency and NVH behavior

  • Materials, lubrication and tribology

  • New manufacturing concepts and processes enhancing productivity and flexibility

  • Life cycle assessment of geared drive systems

  • Potentials and challenges of high performance plastic gears


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