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Date: 23rd, 30th November & 7th December 2023

Time: 10am - 12pm

Platform: TEAMS

Tutor: Graham Penning

Fee: Non Member £225* / BGA Member Free

Please note this course is over 3 sessions. You will need to attend all sessions to complete the training.

This introductory course is suitable and appropriate for anyone who has completed Gear Foundation Part 1.

We have found this introduction to Gears to be beneficial not just to staff directly working with gears but also those such as HR and Sales departments to ensure every member of your organisation a broad understanding of Gears and gearing.

This essential Gear training has been produced and will be presented by Gear expert Graham Penning over three 2 hour sessions.

Each session will be completely interactive allowing delegates to ask questions and have them answered in a live environment. Participating delegates will receive a certificate.

Gear System Arrangements - Design and selection

Introduces the different architectures that can be used in gear systems and their features and benefits. Gives access to the basic formula for the preliminary design and initial sizing of gear systems. On completion of this module the student will be able to create different preliminary gear architectures for a particular application and select the most suitable

Gearbox Fundamentals - Design requirements and essential components

To give an understanding of the fundamental requirements of gearboxes and the essential components required to fulfil these requirements

to the tooth forces present and developed by Involute Gear Teeth.

From this base the student will be equipped to;

Select and design the associated components of gears including.

· Bearings

· Shafts

· Couplings

· Seals

· Gearcases and supporting structures

Gear Lubrication Introduction

Introduce the fundamentals of Gear Lubrication and the surface conditions of gear teeth that occur during service. This will provide a foundation for the

· Proper selection of lubricants

· Design of lubrication systems

· Avoidance of scuffing and wear of gear teeth

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