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To keep BGA members up to date with current technical research in the field of mechanical power transmissions, the Design Unit has performed a search for recent papers in areas we think you will find relevant or interesting.  This service is for BGA members only. We will repeat this at regular intervals, so if there are other areas you are interested in, let the BGA know and we can revise the search as required.

Engineering Village is a database resource that allows for comprehensive literature searching, and was used to collect published literature from 2018 so far.

The searches have been restricted to several subgroups and this update covers:

  • Gears – Manufacturing, Material Science, Testing and Measurement and Modelling

  • Bearings – Types, Material and Failure Modes, Testing, Operation and Modelling

  • Seals

  • Splines

The results and specific search terms can be found below. Spurious results related to a completely different industry can sometimes be included in the search (e.g. mathematical spline fitting compared to mechanical splines, so you have been warned).

The results from have been exported as a PDF.  This includes a search summary, citation information and the abstract for each result. Use the Ctrl+F ‘find’ feature within the PDF to highlight results relevant to your interests.



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