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Date: 23rd April 13:00-14:30 Platform: Microsoft TEAMS Tutor: Graham Penning Fee: Free to all.

All online training is free to BGA Members for all of 2021.

If you would like to register for any of our essential gear training please contact Kirsty in the BGA office


This short online session is presented live with plenty of time for questions and discussion.

For the last few years, I have delivered a gear foundation course to both young and experienced engineers wanting to understand gear technology, and I always start the day by saying:

“In 1973, I moved to Huddersfield after getting a job as a young engineer with David Brown Gear Industries thinking that, after two years, I will move on knowing everything about gears. Well, here I am, over forty-five years later, still learning something new about gears every week. So, while today I will have no problem introducing all the basics of gears, you will never know everything about gears. That is the joy of gears; they embrace so many technologies that there is always an opportunity to learn something new, and once involved it will be inevitable that you will meet and enjoy working with many different and helpful engineering experts.”

Webinar Content.

This webinar outlines how mechanical power transmission has been used throughout history to create and develop the machines that have now become essential to our civilization and way of life.

Many transmissions exploit gears and gearboxes to both control motion and allow the prime mover and driven machine to run at their ideal conditions.

The critical role gears play is explained and how for more than 2000 years, gear engineers have had to embrace and understand all aspects of mechanical engineering. As new technologies emerge this challenge continues, providing exciting opportunities for all engineers involved with gears and gearboxes.

Whilst the inescapable truth is that gears are used, not because we want them, but because we need them, hidden within is the secret joy associated with gears and this will be revealed during the course.

Attendees will

  • Better understand how they can use these technologies to improve their engineering applications

  • Recognise how one of the most enduring engineering technologies is embracing the latest technology developments and innovations.

  • Be introduced to the vast range of technologies apparently simple mechanisms like gears embrace to provide one of the most fulfilling career paths an engineer can follow.

If you would like to register for any of our essential gear training please contact Kirsty in the BGA office


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