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New FAULHABER gearhead family launched in UK

~ Range of GPT planetary gearheads now available to UK market ~

Leading supplier of high-quality mechatronics Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS) Ltd has announced that it will be supplying the new GPT planetary gearhead family from FAULHABER. The pure metal GPT gearheads are ideal for a variety of production applications, laboratory automation as well as inspection, assembly and exoskeleton robotics.

The new GPT gearhead family has been designed to be extremely robust and tolerate both continuous use and abrupt or sudden load changes, as well as being significantly shorter than other models of the same diameter. The new gearheads can be equipped with up to four reduction stages that can be individually optimized to achieve the highest power in terms of torque and speed.

The motors power is, therefore, more efficiently engaged because higher torques can be achieved at a constant input speed. Conversely, lower torques can also be generated at higher speeds and as a result, power consumption is significantly lower compared to previous varieties of this gearhead. These improvements have also led to very low backlash characteristics that mean that the gearheads are better suited for accurate positioning applications.

“Launching this new range of gearheads in the UK will give more options to a wide range of industries, from robotics to packaging machines and test equipment,” Stewart Goulding, managing director at EMS Ltd said. “The GPT series comes in three sizes, including 22, 32 and 42 millimetres in diameter.

“The gearheads significantly improve torque capability as well as an extended speed range. In comparison to previous models, the continuous input speed has been more than doubled above 10,000 rotation per minutes (rpm) for this series and can support input speeds of up to 20,000 rpm in intermittent mode. The 42-millimetre GPT Series can sustain an intermittent torque up to 25 Nm, all while its length has been reduced down to just 71 millimetres.

“The GPT planetary gearhead has been designed to fit a large range of FAULHABER motors including the recently released BXT series. This new gearhead family adds to the growing range of FAULHABER products that we can offer our customers in the United Kingdom.”

EMS Ltd also offers a custom design and manufacturing service, which offers bespoke gearboxes to a range of sectors, including the automotive, medical, metrology, agriculture and personal health industries.

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