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We are delighted to welcome Radicon to the BGA Membership. We are certain that they will make a great contribution to the association.

About Radicon Radicon is committed to being the premier supplier of high quality, standard, modified standard and custom engineered gearboxes. The Radicon product range, not only consists of the traditional standard product offering of worm gears, geared motors, couplings and industrial reducers, but also includes custom engineered gearboxes with an output torque range over 6 million Nm. The flexibility of our products, and the experience of our engineering design teams means we can design solutions to suit our customer’s exact requirements in a wide range of applications and industries. Although formerly a division of David Brown, Radicon retains intellectual property on all Radicon products, and with the backing of Asia’s largest gear manufacturer, Elecon Engineering, Radicon is a strong, growing, global business. With a head office in the UK, Radicon has sales and manufacturing locations throughout Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America. This constantly growing global footprint is backed up by a commitment within the business of building long lasting relationships and partnerships that work and succeed for all interested parties. You can watch our Intro video on YouTube via the below link. Introduction to Radicon


Telephone: + 44 1484 465 800


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