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We are delighted to welcome SSS Gears to the BGA Membership. We are certain that they will make a great contribution to the association.

If you would like to become a member of the BGA please click here for details.

About SSS Gears

SSS Gears is the designer, manufacturer and supplier of the SSS Clutch, the overrunning clutch/freewheel based on gear elements.

As a mechanical device which transmits torque through concentric gear teeth when engaged, which are automatically separated when overrunning, the SSS Clutch is uniquely suited to high power or high speed or arduous conditions where reliability and longevity are important.

As such SSS Clutches are used predominantly in Power Generation, Marine, Process (petrochemical etc) and auxiliary (starting and turning) systems.

To meet the requirements of our low carbon economy rotating machinery has to become more functionally capable and flexible and at the same time more robust so the applications for SSS Clutches continue to increase. At the same time the range of powers and speeds which must be catered for continues to widen and transmitted powers of 400MW have become commonplace whilst other machines operating at 17000 rpm are also needed.

SSS Gears Limited

Park Road, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex, TW16 5BL

Tel: 01932-780644


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