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BGA Primary Gears Schools Workshop

A significant remit of the British Gear Association is to ensure the future of the gearing industry in the UK. In accordance with this responsibility the BGA have worked with NUSTEM at Northumbria University to develop a workshop to be delivered to children supporting the Primary National Curriculum for gears pulleys and levers.


This workshop builds on the statutory requirements of the Primary National Curriculum for science. This is a short 30-60 minute workshop about gears to be used within a classroom setting.

Simple activities allow children to develop and age-appropriate understanding about how gears work, and engineers will be able to use the workshop to talk about their job.

• Understand the basic principles of gears and gearing including.

• Gear trains & compound gears.

• Simple gear ratios (e.g. 1:2, 1:3, 1:9).

• Rotational direction & speed.

• Extend specific technical vocabulary related to gears.

• Leave with a greater appreciation of the importance of gears.


For a class of up to 30 children:

• PowerPoint presentation including animations on calculating gear ratio.

• Gear kits for the practical activities.

• Construction guides and ratio worksheets.

We are aiming to get this programme into as many schools as possible. If you would like to support this initiative by using a Primary Gears Kit in your school please contact the BGA Office


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