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Codes of Practice are a series of publications covering the specification and measurement of gears, their purpose is to improve the day to day working practices of the industry at large. The Codes embody the best features of practical procedures that are already well established in some organisations. As well as encouraging the adoption of these better working practices throughout the industry, these Codes of Practice should also help to standardise the terminology used and the methods of presentation of gear data and measurement results. This should reduce the misunderstandings between customer and supplier and therefore lead ultimately to the production of better gears.

Based on its highly successful 3 volume Teaching Pack the preparation and publication of the Manual has been sponsored financially by the British Gear Association to provide a wider understanding of gearing, and to help compensate for a lack of up-to-date English-Language books on the subject of gearing design.

The six modules comprise a total of more than 350 pages of text, notes and diagrams and cover respectively: Drive Systems, Gear System Design, Gear Geometry, Design and Stress Analysis of Spur and Helical Gears, Gearbox Design, Manufacture and Metrology of Spur and Helical Gears.

Codes of Practice.

Download PDF • 13.90MB


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