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Funding opportunity for UK companies.

We think that UK companies should be aware of this £3M Innovate UK funding opportunity to support collaborative research. The aim of this competition is to match the best UK scientists, engineers and cutting-edge facilities with businesses that have complex analysis or measurement problems. Your proposal should describe a measurement on analysis problem where the solution will help improve your business. The partners involved in this include:

  • the National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

  • the National Measurement Laboratory (NML) at LGC group

  • the National Engineering Laboratory (NEL) and

  • the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

  • National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC)

  • National Gear Metrology Lab (GEARS)

  • Henry Royce Institute

  • Newton Gateway to Mathematics

  • Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies (ASTUTE 2020+)

Follow the link below for further information on how to apply for this before the deadline of the 20th April.


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