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ONLINE BRIEFING SESSION: Funding support for UK companies: A4I (Analysis for Innovators) Round 9

A further update for you on this funding opportunity!

Design Unit and National Gear Metrology Lab along, with many other partners, are involved with an Innovate UK programme to support collaborative research and development for eligible businesses in the UK.

Analysis for Innovators (A4I) Competition Round 9 will open in November 2022 and details about this can be found here

On the 8th November at 10:00am they will be holding an online briefing session. If you want to join, this and learn more follow this link to register:

Up to £3 million in collaborative innovation projects will be invested by Innovate UK, as part of UK Research and Innovation, including partnerships with leading UK measurement and analysis organisations.

The aim of this competition is to match the best UK scientists and cutting-edge facilities, with businesses that have complex analysis or measurement problems.

Your proposal must describe a measurement or analysis problem where you are seeking a solution to improve your businesses productivity or competitiveness. You must provide an estimate of the value to your business of solving it. Click on this link for more information

If you want to discuss your ideas informally and confidentially, please contact Rob Frazer at Design Unit on .


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