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Webinar: KISSsoft address Body Stiffness challenge

The gear body of a gear is the main determinant of its stiffness. It is thus becoming clear in industry that designing a high-performance gear or drivetrain is barely possible without an accurate consideration of the gear body stiffness. KISSsoft addresses this challenge by combining the FE method with analytical models. Our Software Developer, Dipl. Eng., MSc Theofanis Tsiantas, will show you:

• How to accurately calculate the stiffness matrix of a gear body with KISSsoft • Advanced modeling possibilities for gear bodies: - How to include a rim of different material in the gear body model - How to prepare and read external geometry files - Pros and Cons of the FE-types that are supported and how to choose among them • What is the effect of the gear body stiffness on different KISSsoft calculations: - Flank line modifications - Face load distribution according to ISO-6336-1 Annex E - Loaded Tooth Contact analysis • Future directions on extending the current modelling capabilities of gear bodies in KISSsoft Please take 60 minutes time to join this demo on June 14, 2023, from 3PM till 4PM (CEST). You can register by clicking on the link below:

Best Regards, Katerina Michalaki, B.Sc., KISSsoft AG, Marketing


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