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Gears 2014 is to take place at The Research Beehive, Newcastle University on Thursday 20 November 2014

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Oerlikon Balzers Coating UK Ltd

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Balzers are leaders in PVD coating of engineering alloys with 42 coating centres worldwide. Our coatings are applied to both engineering components and tooling. The main component coating used is BALINIT C, with low friction, high hardness and a low processing temperature. Components regularly coated include gears, bearings, pumps, valves and hydraulic components. Worldwide this process coats around 3 million parts per week. Tool coatings include BALINIT A (TiN), BALINIT B (TiCN), BALINIT X.TREME, BALINIT FUTURA and BALINIT HARDLUBE. Applications range from conventional machining operations through hard metal cutting to dry machining. Today many industrial fields benefit from the cost savings offered by Balzers hard coating technology.
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