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Gears 2015 - Sir Colin Campbell Building, Innovation Park, Nottingham University on Thursday 12 November 2015.

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Gears 2015

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Smart Manufacturing Technology Ltd

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Smart Manufacturing Technology Ltd. (SMT) is a world leading international company proud of the relationships and partnerships it shares with cutting edge engineers around the globe.

SMT provide unique solutions and expertise for the transmission development and manufacture industry in a full array of sectors including Automotive, Wind Energy, Aerospace, Marine, Industrial and Defence.

SMT's uniqueness lies in the extensive experience of its engineers enabling them to deliver fully integrated technical solutions for the design, development and manufacture of entire drivetrain, gearboxes and transmission systems.

At the core of SMT's many solutions is the MASTA Suite, a flexible interoperable modular software package that aids in solving a multitude of problems from common NVH issues to complex multibody dynamic calculations. All of which can be done standalone within the software package. Our solutions are fully supported with in depth training for its users.

As well as software solutions SMT provide a comprehensive engineering consultancy service. With patented transmission designs, a dedicated test facility and team of highly innovative and intuitive engineers SMT can deliver the advanced service required to support cutting edge projects.

Headquartered in Nottingham, SMT also has offices worldwide including North America, Beijing, Korea and Portugal with reseller partners in India, Turkey and the USA.

For further information or latest news visit SMT's website or follow them on LinkedIn

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