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Gears 2014 is to take place at The Research Beehive, Newcastle University on Thursday 20 November 2014.

Full Programme and Abstracts details available by following the link below:

Gears 2014

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Genesis Partners LP

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Genesis Partners LP is the developer and owner of all intellectual property associated with Convoloid Gearing.
Convoloid is a conformal, conjugate, computer derived tooth form providing significantly lower hertz stresses compared to involute equivalents plus increased tooth beam strength to balance designs.
Convoloid Gear pairs compared to involute pairs of equal centre distance, materials, heat treatment, ration and face width provide 25% to 40% more power and torque for major increases in power density. Manufacturing processes and costs follow those for involute gearing.
Dontyne Systems Ltd. of Newcastle upon Tyne provides comprehensive design and stress analysis and represents Genesis Partners in worldwide sales.
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