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Since 1983, Stresstech Group has provided the automobile and aerospace industries with instruments for production quality control. Its instruments, installed as part of the production line or in quality control laboratory, are used for adjusting production parameters in order to reduce production waste and thus production costs. They are effective tools in all industries for the study of material properties and development of new components, processes or solutions. The XSTRESS 3000 manufactured by Stresstech utilizes X-ray diffraction to measure residual stresses in engineered alloys and retained austenite content in hardened steels. Measurements are fast, accurate, and in most cases nondestructive. XSTRESS 3000 is also applied to all chrystalline materials including ceramics.Instruments utilizing the nondestructive technique of Barkhausen Noise Analysis (BNA) are used for evaluating residual stresses and microstructural changes in steels. They are applied to control grinding, heat treatment, or and shot peening processes on bearings, gears, camshafts, crankshafts, valves, landing gears, and others. Stresstech Group spesializes in manufacture of manual and automated inspection systems for in-line or audit inspection in factory or laboratory environments. The instruments are PC based using Windows applications with controls and results in simple, flexible format. The instruments are available in portable configurations, too. Stresstech Group’s products and services are available through its global network of offices, agents, and representatives.
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