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Our friends at NUSTEM are dedicated to promoting STEM in the UK. If you have a few minutes please can you complete their survey as below. If you would like more information on the Primary Gears STEM initiative we collaborated with NUSTEM on please click here: Primary Gears

NUSTEM are an outreach organisation who collaborate with children, families and teachers and encourage them to feel more confident that a career in STEM is for “people like them”. To do this NUSTEM link attributes that children may already have (e.g. curious, resilient) to the attributes that STEM professionals have.

We have previously used a list of attributes developed from a range of sources. However, we are now carrying out a study investigating the “attributes of STEM professionals” currently living in the United Kingdom to further our knowledge of how STEM professionals describe themselves.

The study is to be carried out through participants engaging with a one-off questionnaire. This project has obtained ethical approval from Northumbria University. The questionnaire will be open until the 30th April 2021.


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